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SPACE ON EARTH STATION. Neal White with N55. Camden Roundhouse, September 2006.

The Office fo Experiments was initiated during the development of this project. As a collaborative platform for experiments in architecture and the social impact of arts research, the project was infused with the intelligence, wit, grace, and inclusive spirit of Ingvil Aarbakke (N55), whose tragic death during the project provided further impetus to establish a collaborative field of endeavour.

The other artists and curators which took part in this first experiment include: Hive Networks, Alex Lockett, Ian England, Marcus Ahlers and Kayle Brandon.

Commissioned by Arts Catalyst.

Dedicated to Ingvil Aarbakke of N55 (1970-2005)


Top:The 4 Truncated Octahedrons were constructed in steel and plywoood, and then configured to create a station with three key access points. The central module is supported by the three other modules. The garden (by Alex Lockett) on the roof and solar shower, alternative vehicles, washing machines and exploratory vehicles (N55) were used during the placement. Kayle Brandon is making sketches, prior to creating her own module from a skip.




Interior Space - The Lab (above) - Each module comfortably houses 2-3 people working. . Top image shows a Hive Network being tested.The table can be used as a bed. Bottom iage shows a simple satellite mapping system, Centre module was capable of seating 4-5 persons on beanbags, A bed space / module sleeping two crew was accessed through this space on the far left , a kitchen module on the right.

Sketch; Ingvil

Ingvil's Sketch



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