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Neal White works across media, and in no particular medium at all – creating projects with the Office of Experiments that develop collaborative, social and critical spaces using art methods and art materials. His work operates along the fine line between how art thinks and the effect that art has as a social practice. Neal White has been associated with 0+1, formerly APG, Artists’ Placement Group, for several years. Maintaining that art has always pushed the boundaries of the possible in terms of models of social collaboration and networking, Neal White’s work looks at how these models can engage with other kinds of knowledge producing structures.

Claire MacDonald - Director of ICFAR (International Centre for Fine Art Research - University of the Arts, London)

Neal White is an Associate Professor in Art and Media Practice, The Media School, Bournemouth University. He is also a Research Fellow at Chelsea College of Art and Design (UAL) where he works with Critical Practice Research cluster.


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